We are extremely happy  when we feel our customers’ satisfaction with the creation of their dream – whether it is tied to a future home or an emerging business.

It’s even better when one leads to the other and we can touch the realization of a series of dreams.

That is the case with the owners of the „Insecta“ Company, who entrusted us their profecional image by letting us design their new business building and ended up so pleased with the results that they eventually turned to us to realize their home – from architecture to interior (visit here).

The „Insecta“ company is on the Bulgarian market for pesticides, fertilizers and seeds. In 2000, the company starts to lease agricultural land. Currently, they process more than 20000 decares in the area of ​​Izgrev village, Chernozem village, Malomirovo village and Elhovo, where the headquarters of the company is located.